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5 Essential Tools for NFT Creators


Jay G. Perlman


The NFT space is still growing fast, and every day more artists are entering Web3 looking to turn their work and art into non-fungible tokens.

August 24, 2022

As the space develops, so too are the tools that creatives can use to streamline the process of generating NFTs. At Bueno, our mission is to equip artists and NFT creators with the tools they need to generate a collection without writing a single line of code.

However, we believe that the bigger the toolkit, the better, and we advocate having a wide range of products that can enhance an NFT project.

That’s why we went ahead and scoured the vast expanses of Web3 (and a lil’ bit of Web2, to be fair) to find the best tools out there. We considered various aspects of managing an NFT project like community building, design products, analytics, and others to give you creators a full spectrum of valuable resources.

After many diligent hours sifting through the latest and greatest the metaverse has to offer, here are the five best products you can add to your toolkit.

1. Tropee

Many collectors these days want tokens with utilities, and creators are starting to recognize the value in making a collection that has use beyond the art. That’s where Tropee steps in: they’re here to help supercharge your NFTs with utilities and exceptional post-mint experiences.

UI of the Tropee website.

There’s a growing belief that the NFT collections built to last are the ones with utilities, making what Tropee is doing insanely useful for those who want to develop projects with sustainability.

While this tool can add significant value to a new collection, previously minted collections can also use Tropee! Plus, they let creators start with a free account, so there’s no need to commit anything before you’re ready.

Lastly, as a team that loves tools requiring no coding skills, Tropee falls into this product category and is easy to use for creators of all skill types.

2. The Microverse

In short, The Microverse is where NFT communities come to vibe. That really means it’s a 2D experience with multiple worlds built by communities, in which all NFTs are welcome. It’s a live, multiplayer design tool that gives builders the power to create their own worlds, tell stories, and provide utility to their NFT collections.

The Microverse, where NFT communities come to vibe.

In other words, The Microverse is a user-friendly tool for creators who value their communities and want to reward them with a place to interact. From an interactive perspective, players can use any of their NFTs as their characters and navigate the different worlds created by different communities, chat with others, play, and just hang out.

Another part of what makes this tool especially indispensable for projects is that it’s powered by creativity. Designers can play with different token and trait-based mechanics giving their collections different abilities and access to places, events, and quests.

So if you want to build an art exhibition for your community, no problem. Or maybe you want to create a space and host a live music event? Yup, you can do that, too. It’s a tool with literal worlds of possibilities.

3. Snapshot

If community is an essential part of your NFT collection, and you give them a stake in the project’s direction, Snapshot is an ideal tool to add to your growing kit.

Snapshot UI. Graphic of a robot saying hii

In high-level terms, Snapshot is a decentralized voting system. Organizations and teams can use Snapshot to create proposals and seamlessly carry out community voting. This product is even more intriguing because it costs zero gas since everything is performed off-chain.

There are even more features to this handy product:

  • Votes are easily verifiable, and results are hard to contest.
  • There are multiple voting systems: single choice, approval voting, quadratic voting, and more.
  • The voting spaces can be customized and branded.
  • Fully opened-source with MIT license.

Snapshot is one of the most powerful tools on the market for making community-based decisions. Plus, with the number of flexible voting strategies they provide, creators and project stakeholders are not limited to one form of decision-making.

4. Inspect

One of the coolest ways to understand a community and its strength is through Inspect. The excellent tools that Inspect offers allow users to get deeper insights into projects and other NFT communities.

UI from the Inspect website. Copy says, Learn more about NFTs on Twitter with just 1-click.

It’s easy to forget that NFT communities are constantly evolving. Inspect helps you track the changes within NFT projects and their communities. This tool specifically allows you to track which communities have the strongest communities through metrics like floor price, PFPs per NFT, community reach, and more.

Besides the macro outlook on NFT communities, you can also get analytical snapshots of NFT influencers. Everything from real-time looks at their followers, average daily tweets, and global reach are available for the top profiles in the space.

The team at Inspect is building “the social intelligence layer of Web3” and giving creators and NFT holders the ability to see the strength of their communities and who is impacting them most.

Bonus tool for all NFT Enthusiasts: Arcane

Arcane is an all-in-one trading platform that allows traders to get the latest trading data in real-time. While other platforms can be laggy when updating trending and minting data, Arcane’s features are cutting edge and lightning quick. You, as a trader, can get information fast and start sniping those coveted pieces you’ve always wanted.

UI of the Arcane tool.

While this is not necessarily a tool for creating NFTs, it is an excellent tool for understanding the market and the state of the metaverse. However, this knowledge and data can help creatives make strategic decisions.

If you are a trader and collector, this NFT tool might be just what you need to bag the next collection headed for the moon! What makes Arcane even more delightful is that it’s super intuitive to use, plus it’s free to use, which is a splendid little metaverse cherry on top.

Improving your NFT workflow

Even if you’re the most talented artist in the metaverse, launching and managing an NFT collection can seem challenging. However, the right tools can help improve your workflow and take even more control of your projects.

NFTs aren’t dead, and the metaverse is still in its early stages. That means we should all be looking for the next game-changing products.

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