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Upload your art

Upload a folder with all your layers in just a few seconds.

Set rules and rarity

Easily set layer rules and control the rarity. No code needed!

Preview your collection

Generate a preview of your collection before you launch to market.

Launch your NFTs

Download all assets with metadata! It’s time to drop your collection on the market.

Bueno Generator with Photoshop

Bueno Generator with Figma


“Bueno has been an amazing and innovative tool to use. It allowed us to make our NFT dream a reality. It’s user-friendly, and clear to use as someone with no coding experience, giving us the opportunity to create without boundaries.”

Brigitte Cronje,
Creator of
the Hippos

“Bueno strikes the perfect balance between design and flexibility. They’ve brought everything I expect in a modern NFT tool and it’s awesome!”

Amrit, Creator of Toy Faces

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CEO of Toy Faces”

Amrit, Creator of Toy Faces


What are NFTs?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets stored on a blockchain. NFTs aren't interchangeable, which means each is one of a kind. They can come in the form of illustrations, animated GIFs, songs, items for video games, and other forms of digital art. 

Some of the first NFTs ever made were PFPs, aka profile pics, designed to be used as avatars. CryptoPunks, Robotos, BAYC, Cool Cats, and Doodles are among the most famous PFP NFT projects.

Why should I use the Bueno Generator?

Bueno takes away the complexity of coding and provides an easy-to-use interface to generate your NFTs so that you can focus on what matters most: the art. Upload infinite assets, control rarity, preview, and export thousands of NFTs in minutes, not months.

How many NFTs can I create with the Bueno Generator?

You can create between 100 and 10,000 unique NFTs. The Bueno Generator is the perfect tool for PFP-based projects that need to generate thousands of NFTs at once.

Can I set trait rules and rarity?

Yes! You're in control. You can easily set rules and make some traits rarer than others with the click of a button.

I want certain layers to be optional. How can I manage trait group rarity?

You can set the overall rarity of a trait group in Manage. Select the three dots next to the trait group you’d like to edit.

Then, scroll down the pop up window. There, you can set how often a trait group appears in your tokens.

My color styles are not exporting as a json because I am using gradients. Any insight into whether gradients will be supported?

We don't have support for gradients at the moment.

How much does Bueno charge?

Bueno doesn’t charge until you are ready to export. Pricing is as follows:

.0001 ETH per token

100 tokens is .01 ETH

1,000 tokens is .1 ETH

10,000 tokens is 1 ETH

Is it possible to generate 2 sets of images with the same combination of traits? Ex: 1 with background and 1 without background, or 1 SVG and 1 PNG.

Not yet, but it is on our roadmap!

If I upload SVG files to generate my tokens, which type of format can I export?

If you upload SVGs, Bueno will export in an SVG format. PNG uploads will export as PNGs up to 2400x2400px (the full resolution files are saved as well, but we don't support downloading anything larger than that at this time). If you have multiple animation frames in either format, those will export in GIF format.

Should I upload my asset into Bueno as PNG or SVG files?

Bueno supports both file types, so it is up to you! For pixel art, please use PNG format for best quality.

Will mint option only be for Ethereum? Or will Bueno support other networks?

Bueno will start with Ethereum once minting and smart contract support is released.

If I re-upload my master folder again with some adjustment of images, will they be replaced in Bueno?

They will be replaced, yes. If the trait names are the same and the images are different, Bueno will replace the image. If the image is the same, and the trait name is different, Bueno will rename the trait. Bueno will only add a new trait if the image and name are both new.

Additionally, if Bueno detects an image hasn't changed, it will skip the upload, so re-uploads will go quickly.

What happens if I don’t have enough traits to create the full number of tokens I selected?

Bueno will only create the maximum number of unique tokens if there are not enough traits. Bueno will not duplicate images to meet the number of tokens selected at the point of generation.

My files failed to upload to Bueno. What went wrong?

Bueno supports SVG and PNG files. You should organize your assets within a master folder, with subfolders designating each trait. We have tutorials on how to properly prepare files with Figma and Photoshop.

How can I add a collaborator to my project?

You can add collaborators in Settings. To add collaborators, you’ll need their Ethereum wallet address.

Does Bueno support animation?

Yes! Check out our tutorial on animation in Bueno below.

When will Bueno have minting and smart contract support?

Smart contract support is on our roadmap. We hope to have smart contract support available very soon!

What wallets can connect to Bueno?

You can connect to Bueno using Metamask, WalletConnect, and Coinbase Wallet. Currently, Bueno is only compatible with Ethereum.

How do I get access to Bueno beta?

We're giving passes to artists and designers who already have an idea started.

If you would like access, please share via Discord:

  1. Your Ethereum address (full address, not your ens domain)
  2. A screenshot or image of the art you're making (It's ok if it's just a sketch, too!)

For people who don’t have an idea started yet, you can sign up to be added on our waitlist.

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