How to Upload Assets to IPFS in Bueno

Bueno offers an "Upload to IPFS" feature (via Piñata) that will upload all of your token assets and metadata in a single button click.

Before you begin:

Sign up to Piñata -

Note: Depending on the size of your token set, you may need to change your plan. The free plan has a 1 Gb storage limit and uploading will fail once you exceed it.


Creating an Admin Piñata JWT

Sign up/log in to Piñata and navigate to the API Keys page.

Pinata account homepage.

Click the New Key button and fill in the form:

  • Enable the Admin toggle
  • Give your key a recognizable name

Create new API key in Pinata.

Copy all of this information to a secure location.

Note: Bueno only requires your JWT.

API key info in Pinata.

Upload to IPFS From Bueno

After you generate a token set you'll see the Upload to IPFS button.

Generate page in Bueno.

You will then be prompted for an Admin Piñata JWT (what you did in the previous step).

Upload to IPFS pop up window in Bueno.

Important: Bueno will use your JWT to create a single use API Key. The key will appear in your Piñata API Keys and can be revoked at any time.

API keys in Pinata.

Once your token set has been uploaded you'll be able to copy the Base URI for your smart contract.

Copied base URI to clipboard notification.


How do I remove files from Piñata?

You have to do this manually through Piñata.

Does it cost to upload?

Bueno will not charge you, all costs will come from Piñata depending on the plan you choose.

Do I have to upload again after I regenerate the token set metadata?


Can I delete the Bueno API Key after an upload?

Yes. The API key is only used once so you can revoke it through Piñata.

Can I use something another IPFS Pinning Service?

Not yet, but it's on our roadmap. If you want to use something other than Piñata you'll have to download the token set and upload it yourself.

My upload failed, what can I do?

Check your Piñata account usage. You may need to upgrade your account to get more storage. If you still have issue then please contact support.

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