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Smart Contracts Made Simple

Easily mint your NFTs on Ethereum and Polygon without writing a single line of code.
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How it works

1. Set up

Just enter your basic contract info, like art, mint price, and reveal image.

2. Test

Launch your collection on the Rinkeby testnet, and work out any kinks.

3. Deploy

Then when you’re ready, deploy to the blockchain. It’s never been easier!

Made with Bueno

Why the Bueno Smart Contract?

Delayed reveal

Reveal your tokens at a future date of your choice, instead of opting for an instant reveal.

Low gas fees

Don’t let “we mint on Ethereum” scare you off. It's 10x cheaper to deploy our super-optimized ERC-721A standard contracts than your own.

Mint Integration

Don’t have a web developer? A quick copy/paste of our embed code will make it easy to support the full minting experience from your own website.

Everything you need to build better contracts

Set advanced minting rules

Enforce per-wallet / per-transaction maximums  to fit the needs of your drop, as well as control who can mint based on your allowlist.

Airdrop tokens

Need to gift NFTs to friends or team members? You can easily specify their wallets and total number of tokens they will get.

Enable free mints

Launch your free-to-mint NFT project and just pay for gas!

Run multi-phase sales

Reward early supporters with a pre-sale then make a seamless transition to your public sale.

Configure on-chain royalty

Split your primary sale revenue by adding as many wallet addresses as you like and determine who gets what percentage.

Own the contract

Exactly what it sounds like: we do the work, you own the contract.

Got more

What are smart contracts?

A smart contract is a set of instructions, written using programming languages like Solidity, that implement the terms of an agreement using blockchain technology. The program checks the performance of the parties, and automatically executes its contractual obligations without possibility of interference from outside forces.

While every digital currency has a blockchain that keeps track of all balances, not all digital currencies have smart contracts. For example, Bitcoin does not have smart contracts. This makes Ethereum and its tokens, like ERC-20 tokens, wildly different from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the market.

What is the Bueno Smart Contract deployer?

With the Bueno Contract, you can deploy your own ERC-721A smart contracts on the Ethereum network without writing a single line of code. Our seamless tool will walk you through each step of the process, from setting your NFT base price to trying out your contract on the Rinkeby Testnet before deploying on the Mainnet.

How many blockchains are supported?

Bueno supports Ethereum and Polygon. We are looking into supporting other blockchains like Solana and Flow in the future.

What’s the price of the Bueno Contract?

It's free to deploy—you just pay gas. Bueno only takes 5% of your primary sell when withdrawing your funds. This means, you pay zero if it's a free mint.

Is Bueno secure?

No worries! The assets and data you upload to Bueno are safe and secure with us. Read our full privacy policy here.


No coding skills? No problem.

With our seamless process, creators of all backgrounds can easily deploy an ERC-721A smart contract in minutes.